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Jobs & Commerce: Revitalizing the North American Economy


Saturday, Oct. 22, 10-11:30 a.m.
Economic downturns have historically resulted in increased calls for nations to look inward, but in the age of NAFTA, state officials must understand how such measures affect comparative advantages and overall North American competitiveness.  In this session, a panel of business leaders will discuss the implications of protectionism and what state leaders can do to preserve jobs without interrupting or adversely affecting the North American supply chain.






                                          Bill Stafford
                                          Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle
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                                         Dr. Itzam de Gortari
                                         CEO, TechBA
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Gov. Jim Geringer
Director of Public Policy
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Jayson Myers
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters
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Moderator bio


Bill Stafford
Bill Stafford is president of the Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle, a partnership of the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, Metropolitan King County Government, Pierce County, Snohomish County, City of Seattle, City of Everett, Port of Seattle, Port of Tacoma, Port of Everett, and organized labor. Bill serves on the Board of the Puget Sound Economic Development District, which is responsible for the metropolitan economic strategy. He also chairs the Seattle Sister City Council and is on the Boards the Citistates Group, Port Jobs, the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI), District Export Council, and the International Business Advisory Committee at the University of Washington.


Speaker bios


Dr. Itzam de Gortari
As the CEO of the TechBA program in Seattle, Dr. Itzam de Gortari has contributed his scientific, technological and business experience to the economic development of Mexico. Through this program he has supported more than 45 small and medium technology companies to successfully participate in the international arena. He is an active member of the committee of the US-Mexico Chamber of commerce of the Pacific Northwest and supports several local economic development agencies.


Gov. Jim Geringer
Former Wyoming Governor Jim Geringer currently serves as Director of Public Policy for ESRI. Governor Geringer, a strong advocate for technology in government, completed his second term as governor in January 2003. Prior to the governorship, he served in the Wyoming legislature for 12 years. Governor Geringer also serves as chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Western Governors University and is a past chair of the Western Governors’ Association.



Jayson Myers
Jayson Myers is the President and CEO of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, Canada’s largest industry and trade association. He is also the Chair of the Canadian Manufacturing Coalition, a coalition of over 43 industry associations that have come together to speak with a common voice on priority issues for Canada’s
Manufacturing sector.

Mr. Myers is a well-known economic commentator, and is widely published in the fields of Canadian and international economics, technological and industrial change. As CME’s Chief Economist, he led the association’s Manufacturing 20/20 initiative, the largest cross-country consultation ever convened by Canada’s business community on the future of manufacturing in Canada. He has been recognized by consulting firm Watson Wyatt as the most accurate economic forecaster in Canada. Mr. Myers sits on special advisory councils to the Minister for International Trade, the Minister of Industry, and the Canadian Border Services Agency. He is co-chair of the Work & Learning Knowledge Centre of the Canadian Council on Learning. He is Vice Chair of both the Ontario Manufacturing Council and the Great Lakes Manufacturing Council.

Mr. Myers studied at Queen's University, Kingston and the University of British Columbia in Canada, and at the London School of Economics and Oxford University in the United Kingdom. He has held appointments as a research fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford and a lecturer in international studies at Warwick University, also in
the U.K. He is a consultant on Canadian and international business affairs.