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2012 Toll Fellows Class

Each year a group of the nation's top state government officials, reperesenting all three branches, are selected by a panel of program alumni to participate in the Toll Fellows Program. The following individuals were selected from nearly 100 applicants from 41 states, 2 U.S. territories and 2 Canadian provinces. The 2012 Toll Fellows Program will be held Sept. 7-12 in Lexington, Ky.
2013 Toll Fellows application materials will be available in November.


Mike Brubaker, Senator - Pennsylvania
Alan Calandro, Director, Office of Fiscal Analysis - Connecticut
James Collins, Deputy Secretary of State - Delaware
Bruce Fitzgerald, Director, Emergency Management Agency - Maine
Owen Lefkon, Deputy Attorney General - Delaware
Ann Manwaring, Representative - Vermont
Michael Moore, Senator - Massachusetts
Elliot Pagliaccio, Deputy Comptroller - New York
Lonnie Reed, Representative - Connecticut
Ivan Rodriguez-Seda, Director, Speaker's Office - Puerto Rico
Michael Summers, Delegate - Maryland




Cheri Beasley, Judge, Court of Appeals - North Carolina
Sean Connaughton, Secretary of Transportation - Virginia

Hasan Davis, Commissioner of Juvenile Justice - Kentucky

Karla Drenner, Representative - Georgia
Laurie Dudgeon, Director, Administrative Office of the Courts - Kentucky
Richard Sliwoski, Director, Department of General Services - Virginia
Larry Teague, Senator - Arkansas
Michael Thompson, Commissioner of Public Safety - Oklahoma
Alan Williams, Representative - Florida
Jack Williams, Representative - Alabama
Jack Yost, Senator - West Virginia




Jerry Bonnet, General Counsel, Office of the Secretary of State - Indiana
Joyce Campbell, Judge, Municipal Court - Ohio
Spencer Cronk, Commissioner of Administration - Minnesota
Mildred Edwards, Executive Director, African American Affairs Commission - Kansas
Gail Finney, Representative - Kansas
Michael Heavican, Chief Justice, Supreme Court - Nebraska
Dustin Johnson, Chief of Staff, Governor's Office - South Dakota
Dan Kelley, Representative - Iowa
Karen Rohr, Representative - North Dakota
James Schowalter, Commissioner, Department of Management & Budget - Minnesota
Lena Taylor, Senator - Wisconsin
Gregory Tedder, Strategic Advisor, Governor's Office - Michigan
Craig Tieszen, Senator - South Dakota




Liz Bangerter, Representative - Montana
Raul Burciaga, Director, Legislative Council Service - New Mexico
Rebecca Chavez-Houck, Representative - Utah
Bernard Dean, Deputy Chief Clerk of the House - Washington
Jason Frierson, Assemblyman - Nevada
Russ Jones, Representative - Arizona
Michael Montero, Judge, District Court - Nevada
Richard Opper, Director, Department of Environmental Quality - Montana
Dan Saddler, Representative - Alaska
Scott Smith, Deputy Chief of Staff - Arizona
Jackie Winters, Senator - Oregon
Kyle Yamashita, Representative - Hawaii