Understanding & Promoting High Quality Civic Education

Policy workshop presented by the CSG Federalism Task Force

Monday, Aug. 11, 10 a.m.-Noon.


Co-Chair: Alaska Sen. Gary Stevens
Co-Chair: Tennessee Sen. Mark Norris

Public education in the U.S. was established with a vitally important civic missionto prepare each generation for informed and engaged citizenship. As part of CSG’s ongoing work exploring the history and current challenges of federalism, this session will take a step back and explore how we are teaching future generations about government and civic participation.


Session Live Streaming:  Can't attend in person? Tune in to http://akl.tv and take advantage of this session from any location!




Marilyn R. Cover
Founder and executive director, Classroom Law Project


Diana Hess
Senior Vice President, Spencer Foundation
Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ted McConnell
Executive director, Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools


Walter Parker
Professor of education and political science, University of Washington