Planning for the Future in Uncertain Times

Policy workshop presented by CSG Transportation Public Policy Committee

Sunday, Aug. 10, 10 a.m.-Noon

Chair: Washington Rep. Judy Clibborn

This session will feature discussion about Alaska’s unique transportation portfolio and how some key state projects and programs are helping the state plan for the future in uncertain times; the future of tolling and public-private partnerships; a new report on how states and communities can incorporate analysis of the life cycle costs of transportation projects into decision-making to maximize infrastructure investments; and government initiatives and partnerships with the private sector to ensure a future for electric and alternative fuel vehicles in the United States.


John R. Binder III
Deputy commissioner, Alaska Dept. of Transportation
Emily Feenstra
Director of infrastructure initiatives, American Society of Civil Engineers
Sen. Jerry P. Rhoads
Pat Thomas
Vice president of global public affairs, UPS
Vice chairman, American Trucking Associations