CSG offers companies numerous opportunities to increase their visibility through general meeting and in-kind sponsorships. Amenities and acknowledgement are included with sponsorships. CSG is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization. For more information on levels and benefits, please contact our development team.

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2014 CSG National and CSG West Annual Conference Development Team

CSG National


Maggie Mick
ph (859) 244-8113
fax (859) 244-8001
email mmick@csg.org

CSG West


Christina Bailey
ph (916) 553-4423
fax (916) 446-5760
email cbailey@csg.org

CSG Alaska Host State Team


Debra Higgins
ph (907) 465-3764
fax (907) 465-3872
email debra.higgins@akleg.gov


Katrina Matheny
ph (907) 465-4713
fax (907) 465-3517
email katrina.matheny@akleg.gov