Accounting for the State of Public Pensions

CSG Policy Academy
Saturday, Aug. 9, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.


Shortfalls in state-run retirement systems continue to grow and, in the 2012 fiscal year, the gap between promises to state workers and funding in the accounts reached $915 billion. Unfunded pension obligations can have significant implications for a state’s fiscal stability, including lower credit ratings, increased borrowing costs and the diversion of state resources away from other spending priorities like infrastructure and education.
This policy academy will dive into the current state of public pensions—including a primer on the language of pensions—and explore how states are approaching reform and the potential fiscal and legal ramifications of making changes.
For more information, contact Jennifer Burnett, program manager, fiscal and economic development policy, (859) 244-8114,


Paul Angelo
Senior Vice President and Actuary, Segal Consulting


Mike Barnhill
Deputy commissioner, Alaska Department of Administration


Dana Bilyeu
Executive Director, National Association of State Retirement Administrators
Senator Curtis Bramble
Senator Pat Browne
Roderick B. Crane
Managing Director, Government Market, TIAA-CREF Individual & Institutional Services, LLC
Kelly Fox
President, Washington State Council of Fire Fighters
Senator Hollis French
Assemblyman Randy Kirner
Robert D. Klausner
Partner, Klausner, Kaufman, Jensen & Levinson
Adrian Moore
Vice President, Reason Foundation