CSG Executive Committee Meeting

Sunday, Dec. 13, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. CST

Greetings from CSG Headquarters in Lexington, Ky.  We are busy preparing for the 2015 CSG National Conference and we look forward to seeing you in Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 10 -13.  We have a great agenda of world class speakers, cutting edge policy discussions, insightful workshops and plenty of star-studded social events planned.  Please make plans to join us.
In preparing for the conference, we wanted to provide you with advance notice of changes that have been recommended to the CSG Articles of Organization.


Available here you will find a proposed draft of suggested revisions to The Council of State Governments’ Articles of Organization.  This document reflects the work of a drafting committee chaired by Connecticut Speaker Pro Tem Bob Godfrey, which included Idaho Senate Majority Leader Bart Davis, Kansas Corporation Commissioner Jay Emler, Alaska Senator Gary Stevens and Tennessee Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris—all former CSG national chairs. These leaders have performed a comprehensive review of the articles of organization, a document they helped draft several years ago, and they identified a number of minor but needed changes.  A summary of the changes is included here.
Additionally, the CSG Executive Committee is expected to consider modifications to the Suggested State Legislation program and an enhancement regarding CSG’s limited liability status.  Should those measures be enacted, they will necessitate additional changes to this draft as it is considered for approval by the CSG Executive Committee.  We wanted you to be aware of this possibility.  Amendments to the attached draft may also be considered during deliberations on the proposed changes.


We have a solid agenda for our Executive Committee session, which will include the consideration and adoption of CSG’s budget including CSG dues, the election of national officers, consideration of a resolution regarding CSG’s participation in the Kentucky Retirement System and action on national policy resolutions.  As a key leader of CSG, we hope you will plan to represent your state in Nashville at our annual Executive Committee meeting.
Should you have any questions concerning the attached document or regarding the upcoming CSG Executive Committee meeting, I hope you will feel free to call or email me. I want to offer a special word of thanks to the members of the drafting committee for their thoughtful consideration in preparing the revised articles of organization.
David Adkins
CSG Executive Director/CEO