CSG Innovation Classroom: Mapping for Legislative Offices
Friday, Dec. 11, 9 -10 a.m. CST
Esri’s GIS platform—ArcGIS—allows users to discover, use, make and share data through maps from any device, anywhere, anytime. Learn about how the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives are improving their workflows by using ArcGIS to create and share maps in the cloud. This session will focus on how state legislators can use GIS tools to easily visualize trends among their constituents, communicate with the public, and better prepare, understand and defend the impact of policy. This innovation classroom is presented by Esri Inc.
The Innovation Classroom series is designed to provide engaging and interactive experiences for conference attendees. In recent years, the programming provided through CSG’s Innovation Classroom has focused on trainings on Facebook and Twitter, inbox management, protecting your online identity, understanding privacy settings, the cloud, cybersecurity, GIS mapping, and other online best practices and technology advancements impacting officials and the states.


Richard Leadbeater
Global Solutions Manager, Esri 
In his role at Esri, Leadbeater focuses on state and provincial governments, national statistical organizations and government trade associations. He is responsible for coordinating outreach, marketing and business development, identification of solution needs and serving as liaison to Esri’s clients in these sectors. Leadbeater’s focus is on the development of tools and solutions addressing government administrative and legislative functions with attention towards the use of GIS in the support of elections, policy development and government business processes.