U.S. Government Accountability Office


EPA SCIENCE ADVISORY BOARD: Policy Statement on Science Quality and Integrity


EPA SCIENCE ADVISORY PANELS: Preliminary Observations on the Processes for Providing Scientific Advice


EPA'S SCIENCE ADVISORY BOARD: Improved Procedures Needed to Process Congressional Requests for Scientific Advice


FEDERAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE ACT: Issues Related to the Independence and Balance of Advisory Committees


FEDERAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE ACT: General Services Administration's Management of Advisory Committee Activities


FEDERAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE ACT: Views of Committee Members and Agencies on Federal Advisory Committee Issues


FEDERAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE ACT: Advisory Committee Process Appears to Be Working, but Concerns Exist


AAPCA Documents

AAPCA's 2018 Spring Meeting will be held April 4-6 in Lexington, Kentucy. More information is available here.


On November 20, 2017, AAPCA provided a letter to the leadership of the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee. The letter was related to FY2018 Approprations for U.S. EPA's State and Local Air Quality Management Grants.


AAPCA's 2017 Fall Bussiness Meeting was held in Releigh, North Carolina September 20-22. Presentations from the meeting can be found here


On July 19, 2016, AAPCA submitted comments on the list of candidates for U.S. EPA's Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee.


On November 28, 2016,  AAPCA submitted comments on the list of candidates for U.S. EPA’s Science Advisory Board Ad Hoc Committee for Review of the Screening Methodologies to Support Risk and Technology Reviews (RTR): A Case Study Analysis.


At AAPCA’s Spring 2016 Meeting, a presentation entitled State Participation on EPA Scientific Advisory Panels: Survey Results was provided by Cassie Yannelli (Click here to see survey results).


May 2015 letter from The Council of State Governments – West to the U.S. Senate on state participation on advisory committees.