Financing and Funding Interstate Compacts


TUES., DEC. 13, 8:30-9:45 A.M.


How do compacts which establish an administrative agency provide for long term financing? From a fee-based model to a flat state fee, compact commissions employ a variety of funding methods for interstate compacts, each holding advantages and disadvantages.


JenniferJennifer Dahlquist
Vice-president, Midwestern Higher Education Compact
Dahlquist manages a variety of collaborative initiatives for the benefit of higher education and other state, local and not-for-profit entities at the Midwestern Higher Education Compact, or MHEC, including MHECare—a student health collective providing health insurance, athletics injury insurance, student advocacy and assistance with the public exchanges—and enrollment management through the e-Transcript Initiative. Dahlquist also provides oversight for MHEC’s policy initiatives, which includes the Midwest Regional State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement and the Multi-State Collaborative on Military Credit.