Clean Air Act Advisory Committee (CAAAC)

(last updated: 10/11/18)



The CAAAC provides advice, information, and recommendations on policy and technical issues associated with implementation of the Clean Air Act (the Act). These issues include the development, implementation, and enforcement of programs required by the Act. The CAAAC may advise on issues that cut across several program areas.


The duties of the CAAAC are solely to provide advice to EPA. The CAAAC provides advice and recommendations on:






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Active Subcommittees


Mobile Sources Technical Review


The Subcommittee provides the Clean Air Act Advisory Committee (CAAAC) with independent advice, counsel and recommendations on the scientific and technical aspects of programs related to mobile source air pollution and motor fuels. Through its various workgroups, the MSTRS addresses a wide range of developments, issues and research areas such as emissions modeling, air toxics, innovative and incentive based transportation policies, on-board diagnostics, heavy-duty engines and reformulated gasoline.


Permits, New Source Review, and Toxics


The Permits, New Source Review, and Toxics Subcommittee meets on a periodic basis to discuss a variety of topics related to EPA's new source review permitting program, operating permit program, and toxic air pollutant program. EPA uses this as an opportunity to solicit ideas and comments from the Subcommittee on major rulemakings and reports which are under development by the Agency.



Recent Reports


Final Ports Initiative Workgroup Report: Recommendations for the U.S. EPA (September 7, 2016)


Final Recommendations of the Air Toxics Work Group (January 2016)



Agency Contact

Tamara Saltman - or 202-564-2781