Board of Scientific Counselors (BOSC)

(Last update: 11/27/17)



The EPA established the Board of Scientific Counselors to provide advice, information, and recommendations about the Office of Research and Development (ORD) research program. The mission of the BOSC is to:


  • Evaluate science and engineering research, programs and plans, laboratories, and research-management practices of ORD and recommend actions to improve their quality and/or strengthen their relevance to EPA's mission.


  • Evaluate and provide advice concerning the utilization of peer review within ORD to sustain and enhance the quality of science in EPA.


  • Review ORD's program development and progress, ORD's research planning process, and research program balance, including implementation of the ORD Strategic Plan.


  • Provide peer review including evaluation of ORD's peer review policies, and review ORD offices, national laboratories and centers, and research plans and products.


  • Provide advice on human resources planning, such as scientist career development and rotational assignment programs, and the appropriate scope and design of training programs for environmental research professionals.


Establishment Authority: Agency Authority




Membership Balance Plan


Executive Board Members


Name Start Date End Date Member Designation Occupation or Affiliation
Deborah 3/31/2015 3/30/2018 Chair- Special Government Employee (SGE) Tier 1, Professor, Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs, and Co- Director of Water Resources Center, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
James Galloway 3/31/2015 3/30/2018 Special Government Employee (SGE) Tier 1, Sidman P. Poole Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
I. Leslie Rubin 3/31/2015 3/30/2018 Special Government Employee (SGE) Tier 1, Developmental Pediatric Specialist, Atlanta, GA


Committee Members




Agency Contact

Tom Tracy - or (202) 564-6518


2017 Request for Nominations


2017 Nomination Form


Areas of Expertise


BOSC Briefing to AAPCA 6/21/17