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Message from David Adkins
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CSG: Created by the States, for the States
As the executive director of The Council of State Governments, I am so proud to be associated with the dedicatedand passionate public servants who lead our states. Every day I have the opportunity to learn from and serve an exceptionally talented group of governors, legislators and judges. While the past year certainly posed its fair share of challenges, I had a front row seat to witness how, withinnovation, creativity, intelligence and persistence, the leaders of the states tackled problems and crafted solutions.
Let’s face it, serving as a state leader today isn’t easy. The public is frustrated and the electorate is quick to judge. It is very difficult to work toward long-term solutions in a climate that demands immediate results. Campaigns have become increasingly coarse and expensive. I know firsthand how service in a state legislature requires significant sacrifice from both the officeholders and their families. I remain incredibly impressed by the variety of people who seek public office and the remarkable talents and perspectives they bring to their service.
The Council of State Governments isn’t an organization apart from the states. We are a community of the states. We bring the states together to accomplish more than any one state could accomplish on its own, and we provide a forum for leaders to share insights, broaden their perspectives and learn from each other. States created CSG in 1933 to fill a need. Since that time, we have been the place where state leaders come together to empower themselves to achieve excellence. We exist because state leaders knew then what they know now: Sharing
what works makes leaders more effective in serving the needs of the people who sent them to the state capitol. We remain committed to sharing capitol ideas and we work hard every day in many ways to honor the vital role the states have entrusted to us.
At The Council of State Governments, we serve all three branches of state government and relish our status as a regionally based organization. No other association does what we do. No other organization can.
You’ll find this website full of valuable information that we hope will prompt you to access the resources of CSG. Whether you log on to our powerful CSG Knowledge Center or reach out to access the expertise of our regional or national policy staff, we hope you will view this site as our invitation to get full value from all CSG has to offer.
Consider this our personal invitation for you to become more involved in the work of CSG. CSG was created by the states, for the states. We are a member-driven association of state leaders. Our work reflects the priorities of the states. We know that when state leaders come together to listen, to share, to explore, to work, to learn—good things happen. We also know that leadership is challenging and solutions to complex problems can be elusive. That is why CSG pays dividends for the states. We are an exceptionally low-cost way for solutions to be found and for leaders to develop the skills and access the resources they need to be successful.

You are a valued member of our CSG family. I encourage you to take full advantage of the many ways CSG provides you with an opportunity to make a difference in your state, commonwealth or territory.

David Adkins

Executive Director/CEO