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Aug. 14, 2012


CSG West Present Distinguished Fahrenkamp Award
to Wyoming Sen. John Schiffer

The Council of State Governments West, at its 65th annual meeting held in Alberta, Edmonton, July 20-23, 2012 awarded the Bettye Fahrenkamp Award for Distinguished Legislative Leadership on Behalf of Western States to Wyoming Sen. John Schiffer.
Schiffer has served in the Wyoming Senate since 1993. He was raised on a ranch near Kaycee, Wyo., attended Colorado College where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and spent four years in the U.S. Navy. Schiffer returned to ranching near Kaycee, where he continues to reside.
The Fahrenkamp Award, which is awarded annually, recognizes leaders whose legislative careers demonstrate the ability to see and work beyond the border of their own states in the interest of the West. The award is named in honor of Bettye Fahrenkamp, of Fairbanks, Alaska, who served with distinction in the Alaska State Senate until her untimely death in 1991.
Wyoming State Rep. Rosie Berger, who currently serves as Chair of CSG West, identified Schiffer for the award. Berger and Wyoming Speaker Ed Buchanan, who presented the award to Schiffer at the annual gathering of nonpartisan Western state legislators, cited not only Schiffer’s continuing service and leadership as a mentor and trusted adviser in the Wyoming Legislature, but also his leadership and dedication to legislative institutions that expand beyond Wyoming.
Schiffer has served for several years as chair of the CSG West Energy and Public Lands Committee. He is known among his legislative colleagues in the Western region and other public policy stakeholders as a collaborator and keen advocate of greater planning on energy transmission siting, energy resource development and intergovernmental cooperation. His regional leadership and vision led to the planning and successful execution of the 2009 Western States Energy and Environment Symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyo., with participation from colleagues throughout the West.
Recognizing the importance of cooperation among Western states in pursuit of common goals, Schiffer joins a distinguished list of recipients of the Bettye Fahrenkamp Award for Distinguished Legislative Service.

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