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May 22, 2013


Clibborn to Co-Chair CSG Transportation Committee

LEXINGTON, Ky.--Washington Rep. Judy Clibborn has been appointed as a co-chair of The Council of State Governments' Transportation Public Policy Committee for the 2013-14 biennium. The committee is designed to encourage multi-state problem solving and sharing of best practices, and to facilitate networking among state officials from all three branches of state government and between the public and private sectors.

"As we've seen in states like Washington this year, it's an important time for the future of transportation and transportation funding," said Clibborn, chair of the Washington House Transportation Committee. "I hope that over the next two years the Transportation Public Policy Committee can allow for the sharing of good ideas that are emerging around the country that can help states meet their transportation needs. I look forward to serving as co-chair during what's likely to be an eventful period for transportation at both the state and federal levels."

CSG's Transportation Public Policy Committee provides a forum for state leaders to address emerging challenges and issues arising from dynamic transportation policy conditions and changes in the states. Members of the committee focus on emerging trends, innovative and effective solutions, and viable policy positions and response projects.

The transportation committee, first created in 2008, has focused on the condition of infrastructure, the future of federal transportation and the ways states are moving forward to meet their transportation needs.

"I would expect those themes to continue over the next two years, particularly with what we've seen in state capitols during the first part of 2013 and with another federal authorization bill due next fall," said Sean Slone, CSG's program manager for transportation policy.

CSG's national leaders in concert with the committee's membership establish committee priorities. Those priorities in this biennium are: implementation of MAP-21, the federal transportation program; a post-MAP-21 game plan for financing transportation; new state revenues for transportation; preparedness for the Panama Canal expansion; and convincing a skeptical public about the need for transportation funding and enhancements.

Slone said states will play a significant role in implementing elements of MAP-21, such as developing performance measures for transportation projects and programs.

"I think those elements could also be part of the committee's agenda for this biennium," he said. "But I also expect that our new co-chairs will put their own imprint on the panel based on their interests and what's going on in their states."

CSG will host a Transportation Policy Academy in Portland, Ore., for a select group of about a dozen transportation legislators from across the country. Clibborn attended a previous policy academy in Washington, D.C., last year.


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