Sowing the Seeds of Prosperity in the States: Insights from

Arthur Laffer

Breakfast Plenary
Sunday, May 23
8-9:30 a.m.
Westside Ballroom 1 & 2, 5th Floor
Renowned economist Arthur B. Laffer, Ph.D., closes CSG’s 2010 Economic Summit of the States with insights on where states are and where they can realistically expect to go as they take on the current budget crisis. His economic writings and work over the last four decades have helped shape how today’s policymakers’ look at taxation, revenue generation and spending options with the popularized
“Laffer Curve”– a staple of modern public finance theory. State officials are seeking long-term growth and sustainability while meeting the short-term expectations of citizens. Laffer will help you better understand the competing forces at work and how you can craft balanced solutions to meet unprecedented problems.
Keynote: Arthur Laffer

Arthur Laffer

Arthur B. Laffer is the founder and chairman of Laffer Associates, an economic research and consulting firm that provides global investment-research services to institutional asset managers, pension funds, financial institutions and corporations. Since its inception in 1979, the firm's research has focused on the interconnecting macroeconomic, political and demographic changes affecting global financial markets.
Laffer's economic acumen and influence in triggering a world-wide tax-cutting movement in the 1980s earned him the distinction in many publications as "The Father of Supply-Side Economics." One of his earliest successes in shaping public policy was his involvement in Proposition 13, the groundbreaking 1978 California initiative that drastically cut the state's property taxes.
Years of experience and success in advising on a governmental level distinguished Laffer in the business community as well. He sits on the board of directors of several public companies, and a number of private companies including ProFlowers, Clark Bardes, HNTB, Manhattan East Suite Hotels, Retirement Capital Group, Vizional Technologies, The Mayfair Group, Olympius Capital, Qualmag, Endovascular Instruments, Enverity, CB Berkman Capital, ValuBond, Sonic Telecom, U.S. Script and Castle Creek Capital.
Laffer is a founding member of the Congressional Policy Advisory Board, a select group of advisers who assist in shaping legislative policies for the 105th, 106th and 107th Congress. He was a member of President Reagan's Economic Policy Advisory Board for both of his two terms, a member of the executive committee of the Reagan/Bush Finance Committee, and was a founding member of the Reagan executive advisory committee for the 1980 presidential race.
From 1972 to 1977, Laffer was a consultant to Treasury Secretary William Simon, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Treasury Secretary George Shultz. He was the first to hold the title of chief economist at the Office of Management and Budget under Shultz from October 1970 to July 1972.