Beyond the Crisis: Legislative Leaders' Insights on

Long-Term Challenges

Friday, May 21
2-3:30 p.m.
Westside Ballroom 1 & 2, 5th Floor
Some observers believe the fiscal crisis is much more than a short-term phenomenon. The downturn may permanently alter the way states provide services to their constituents. Author David Osborne once said the purpose of states is to “educate, medicate and incarcerate.”  This session will feature insights from speakers andsenate presidents on how states can continue to meet these needs and make the long-term investments necessary to promote economic growth in an era of perennially tight resources.


Susan K. Urahn
Managing Director
Pew Center on the States





Senator Stephen Morris (KS)

Sen. Stephen Morris
Senate President









Senator M. Teresa Paiva Weed

Sen. M. Teresa Paiva Weed
Senate President
Rhode Island










Sen. David L. Williams (KY)

Sen. David L. Williams
Senate President