Energizing Growth: Opportunities in the New Energy Economy

Presented by CSG’s Energy and Environment Task Force
Working Lunch
Friday, May 21
Noon-1:30 p.m.
Lyceum Complex, 5th Floor
This session focuses on how states can grow their energy economy and thereby spur job creation. Participants will engage in a discussion with nationally recognized experts and learn the potential for renewable energy and energy efficiency to generate jobs and savings as well as what they can do at the state level to create jobs. Panelists will also share programs their states have initiated in an effort to promote energy efficiency and enhance the economy. Participants at this unique event are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas during the session about what has and has not worked in their states.




Tom Kenworthy
Senior Fellow
Center for American Progress


Paul Kaplan
Green Bank of Kentucky
Lisa Wood
Executive Director
Institute for Electric Efficiency