The Future Health Care Marketplace:

Understanding Health Insurance Exchanges


Saturday, Dec.4 | 2-3:30 p.m.


State insurance agencies are already planning for health insurance exchanges, which are due to launch in every state by January 2014. Learn the basics of how exchanges will offer insurance to individuals and small businesses that otherwise would not have access. Tailored to policymakers, this session will also identify the pressing decision points and timelines that states must address to successfully form an exchange.
Jon Kingsdale, Ph.D.
Jon Kingsdale is former executive director of the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority.  The Health Connector is an independent state agency which leads the implementation of several key elements of health reform in Massachusetts and which provides subsidized coverage for the low-income uninsured. It also offers a broad array of plan options to individuals and small employers purchasing health insurance.  The Health Connector also served as a model for federal health reform.  Prior to leading this health insurance exchange initiative, Kingsdale was a senior vice president at the Tufts Health Plan for nearly 20 years.  Kingsdale received a doctorate in economic history from the University of Michigan and a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania. He taught at the Harvard School of Public Health and the Boston University School of Public Health.
Jason Helgerson
Jason Helgerson became medicaid director for Wisconsin on March 19, 2007. He serves as principle project sponsor for Gov. Jim Doyle’s signature health care initiative, BadgerCare Plus. Through this new program, 98 percent of Wisconsin residents will have access to affordable health care. He has also served as executive assistant/policy director to the secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services and executive assistant for Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Prior to joining the Doyle Administration, Helgerson served as the senior education policy advisor for Mayor Ron Gonzales of the City of San Jose, Calif.  He has also worked for the Milwaukee Public Schools and Milwaukee Mayor John Norquist. He received his Masters of Public Policy degree from the University of Chicago in 1995, and his B.A. from American University in Washington, D.C., in 1993.
Vernon K. Smith, Ph.D.
Vernon Smith is a Principal with Health Management Associates, where he focuses on Medicaid, Medicare, SCHIP, state budgets and trends in the health care market place. He has authored several reports on enrollment, spending and policy trends in Medicaid and SCHIP, on the Medicare prescription drug benefit, and on state directions to address the uninsured. Smith is a frequent speaker before national and state policymakers and commentator to major media, including The New York Times and National Public Radio.  Before joining Health Management Associates, Smith served as Michigan Medicaid director and as budget director for the human services agency during 30 years of public service. He holds a Ph.D. degree in economics from Michigan State University.
Anya Rader Wallack, Ph.D.
Anya Rader Wallack is President of Arrowhead Health Analytics.  Dr. Wallack established Arrowhead after serving as interim President of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation (BCBSMAF) and Executive Director of the Massachusetts Medicaid Policy Institute (MMPI).   For the past two years she has been deeply engaged in Massachusetts health care reform through her service at MMPI and BCBSMAF.  Dr. Wallack has served as a consultant to state governments and multi-state organizations for most of the past decade.  From 1995-1998 Dr. Wallack ran the Vermont Program for Quality in Health Care, a quasi-governmental agency that specializes in quality measurement and improvement at the state level.  Dr. Wallack earned a Ph.D. in social policy from Brandeis University’s Heller School.