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JWHDr. Carolyn Orr

Agriculture Consultant


As a consultant, Dr. Carolyn Orr researches, analyzes and writes on issues related to agriculture and rural communities for both the Midwestern Legislative Conference (MLC) and the Eastern Regional Conference (ERC) of CSG.  She tracks legislative issues at both the state and federal levels.
Dr. Orr works with the leadership of the MLC Agriculture and Natural Resource committee as well as the Northeast Association for Agriculture Stewardship of the ERC to accomplish each committee’s goals, research needs and meeting agendas. 
Orr also produces Ag Clips, the weekly e-newsletter on agriculture and rural issues and staffs the Legislative Agriculture Chairs Summit, the annual meeting for all state and Canadian provincial agriculture and rural legislative leadership.
Orr holds a B.S. in agriculture from Ohio State University, a M.S. in nutrition from the University of Tennessee and a Ph.D. in stress physiology from Texas A&M University.  She previously taught, managed the college farms and forest, and chaired the Agriculture and Natural Resources Department at Berea College.


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