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Pam Goins
Director of Education Policy



Jonathan R. Watts Hull
Senior Policy Analyst
CSG South
(859) 244-8142
Areas of expertise:
  1. Increasing student achievement in K-12 settings
  2. Bullying prevention
  3. Leadership development
  4. More...
Pam Goins has been with CSG since 2005.  In her current role, she has led implementation of the Common Core State Standards Policy Initiative educating state and local policymakers on the national effort for states to adopt common English language arts and mathematics academic standards. More...






(404) 633-1866
Areas of expertise:
  1. School finance
  2. Teacher recruitment, training and retention
  3. Autism and schools
  4. More...
Jonathan R. Watts Hull joined CSG in 1997.  In his current role, Hull researches, analyzes and writes on issues related to agriculture, rural development and education. He also tracks legislative issues and policy developments in Florida, South Carolina and Virginia. More...