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Jeremy L. Williams

Policy Analyst
CSG South
(404) 633-1866


Jeremy L. Williams joined CSG in 2006.  He researches, analyzes and writes on issues related to health, human services, public safety, energy and environment as they apply to Southern states. In addition, he tracks legislative issues and policy developments in Georgia, Louisiana, Texas and West Virginia. Williams has focused a great deal of attention on emerging issues, such as the resurgence of HIV/AIDS in Southern states, as well the rise of crystal methamphetamine and the continued fight against human trafficking. He has organized state legislative delegations on a variety of field visits, including the Elba Island Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal and the Vogtle Nuclear Electric Generating Plant.
He has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Mississippi College and a master of divinity degree from Wake Forest University.


Areas of expertise


Energy & Environment


    1. Oil and natural gas
    2. Coal
    3. Greenhouse gases (carbon, methane, et al.)
    4. Climate change
    5. Nuclear power
    6. Ethanol and biodiesel
    7. Solar power
    8. Wind power
    9. Hydropower
    10. Geothermal power
    11. Energy security and reliability
    12. Energy efficiency
    13. Water management

Health & Welfare
    1. CHIP
    2. Healthcare reform
    3. HIV/AIDS
    4. Medicaid
    5. Medicare
    6. Obesity and childhood obesity
    7. Smoking laws
    8. Vaccination legislation


Public Safety & Justice
    1. Aging inmates
    2. Crystal methamphetamine
    3. Human trafficking
    4. Sex offender management