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kliewarLaura Kliewer

Senior Policy Analyst
CSG Midwest
(630) 925-1922


Laura Kliewer joined CSG in 1988. In her current role, she serves as the director of the Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission, an 11-state compact commission of state legislators, governors and their designees working to preserve and expand passenger rail throughout the Midwest.
Established in 2000, the compact commission promotes, coordinates and supports regional improvements to passenger rail service. Kliewer has worked with compact commissioners and allies to ensure the federal government develops a partnership with the states for passenger rail development similar to other modes of transportation, and that Midwestern states have the support they need to move forward with passenger rail improvement plans.
In addition to her work with MIPRC, Kliewer plans the business program for the Midwestern Legislative Conference and is the leader of the MLC Annual Meeting team. She also has a two-year grant from the Minnesota Community Foundation to work in conjunction with foundation staff to plan intensive legislative institutes in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota on the science of early childhood brain development.
Kliewer holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from University of California-Los Angeles, and a master’s degree in communications from Wheaton College.


Areas of expertise
  1. Increasing student achievement in K-12 setting
  2. Bullying prevention
  3. Leadership development
  4. College access and success