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Sujit CanagaRetna

Fiscal Policy Manager
CSG South
(404) 633-1866





Sujit M. CanagaRetna joined CSG in 1998. In his current position, CanagaRetna serves as the staff liaison for the Economic Development, Transportation & Cultural Affairs Committee and the Fiscal Affairs & Government Operations Committee of CSG South, the Southern Legislative Conference (SLC). CanagaRetna is the primary supervisor for SLC research and specializes in the analysis of state fiscal and economic development trends. He also tracks legislative issues and policy developments in Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee. CanagaRetna frequently testifies before state legislatures and other audiences across the country on topics affecting state finances, economic development and transportation, and is regularly interviewed by various media outlets on issues affecting state finances.

CanagaRetna has staffed state legislative delegations to a number of countries, including England, Scotland, Thailand, Indonesia, Canada, China, Panama and Germany. He has a bachelor’s degree from Bennington College and master’s degrees in international affairs and public administration from Columbia University.


Areas of expertise
  1. National, regional and state economic trends
  2. State budgets and trends in state finances
  3. Public pensions and unemployment insurance
  4. Public-private partnerships
  5. Southern state efforts to promote workforce development
  6. Automobile and aeronautics manufacturing sectors in the Southern region
  7. Ports, particularly in the South
  8. Economic impacts of the arts and the motion picture industry
  9. High-speed rail
  10. Transportation challenges confronting states
  11. International trade developments and the expansion of state exports