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CSG Executive Committee

CSG’s Executive Committee membership would increase slightly in order to bring the judicial branch more fully into CSG’s governance structure and to be more inclusive of other organizations serving unique constituencies of state officials. Membership changes would include:


In addition to membership changes, the Executive Committee would become the regularly convened governance body for CSG and would essentially combine the duties of the current Governing Board and Executive Committee into one workable entity. Specific duties of the reorganized Executive Committee would include:
The Executive Committee would meet at least once annually and may meet more often if necessary. The Executive Committee would vote by member with a lowered quorum requirement for conducting regular business. However, in order to adopt policy resolutions, increase member jurisdiction dues, call a meeting of the Governing Board or reverse an action of the new CSG Leadership Council, the Executive Committee would have a quorum requirement of 25 members.
NOTE: This listing of proposed governance changes is neither a complete summary nor does it represent an endorsement by CSG’s Executive Committee or CSG’s Governing Board. The details listed are not final and are subject to change.