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CSG Regions

Though they have existed, CSG’s regions would be officially created and recognized in these proposed governance changes, with each region maintaining its own governance documents and governing authority, i.e. executive committee. The composition of CSG’s regions would be defined and a revised process for member jurisdictions to move between CSG’s regions would be created.

Regional Rules

While each CSG region has its own governance documents, no two regions are alike. While this autonomy is desirable, the proposed governance changes would seek to streamline key elements among each of the four regions by requiring regional governance documents to include sections on:
While these sections would be required in each CSG regional governance document, how each region chooses to address and the processes built into each are entirely up to the leadership and membership of each region.

Regional Staff

Proposed governance changes would also set forth certain parameters regarding CSG Regional Directors and regional staff. Each region’s Regional Director:
NOTE: This listing of proposed governance changes is neither a complete summary nor does it represent an endorsement by CSG’s Executive Committee or CSG’s Governing Board. The details listed are not final and are subject to change.