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21st Century Foundation

Though it has existed, CSG’s 21st Century Foundation would be adjusted from a standing committee to a more autonomous program. The 21st Century Foundation provides funding for CSG initiatives and priorities overseen by a Board of Trustees.  The 21st Century Foundation will be governed by a Board of Trustees and administered by CSG staff. The Board of Trustees will be composed of not less than thirty-five, but no more than fifty members and will include both public- and private-sector participants of which the majority will be public-sector officials. Private-sector members making qualifying contributions to the 21st Century Foundation as established by the Board of Trustees will be entitled to serve as trustees for a five-year term. The Chair of the Board of Trustees will be the CSG National Chair-Elect.  The Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees will be the CSG National Vice Chair. The CSG Executive Director will act as president and chief executive officer of the 21st Century Foundation.  The 21st Century Foundation will submit an annual report of its activities to the CSG Leadership Council and the CSG Executive Committee.
NOTE: This listing of proposed governance changes is neither a complete summary nor does it represent an endorsement by CSG’s Executive Committee or CSG’s Governing Board. The details listed are not final and are subject to change.