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Common Core State
Standards Policy Initiative

July 22, 2010




Judy Erwin (standing, left) executive director of the Illinois Board of Higher Education, asks a question of State Superintendent Christopher Koch at The Council of State Governments’ Common Core State Standards Policy Roundtable July 22 in Bloomington. Many of the questions at the meeting centered around reauthorization of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act, assessments and what standards states will be held to regarding accountability during the transition to common core.











Rhonda Jenkins, state treasurer for the Illinois PTA, said parents for the most part don’t see the big picture in education. They are interested in what affects their child. She suggested using the idea of how common core will affect their child might be an effective way to begin the discussion with parents.


















State Rep. Roger Eddy, who also is a school district superintendent, noted that there often is a certain amount of skepticism among educators whenever something new is introduced. It is important, he said, to discuss common core as part of a continuing update of the Illinois Learning Standards rather than a “silver bullet” for challenges in education.















Santita Nunn, director of the School Age and Community Youth Program for the Springfield Urban League, shares her thoughts on what common core will mean to the families they serve. Other Urban League stakeholders said it may be hard to get parents excited about common core because of how complex the education system can be.