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Common Core State Standards Policy Summits

CSG hosted a series of Common Core State Standards Policy Summits drawing from member states in each of CSG’s regional offices. Key, influential legislators sitting on the House Education Committee and the Senate Education Committee were invited to attend. In collaboration with the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and the National Governor’s Association (NGA), CSG developed an agenda that included sessions to inform policymakers of the importance of the initiative, how common standards will be useful to students, educators, leadership, parents and states, and what the adoption process entails. 
Additionally, CSG believes that collaboration among state policymakers from different states is an important strategy in policy development, enactment and implementation. Policymaking should not take place in a vacuum, or in isolation, and is most effective when policymakers from multiple states are actively working toward the same goal. Therefore, CSG included networking opportunities for each state team to work collaboratively to discuss a set of possible actions or goals that will motivate and energize them to return to their home states prepared to address and review the common core state standards and engaged attendees in a facilitated discussion on the policies and programmatic solutions needed to ensure every student has the knowledge and skills needed for a successful college experience or a career.