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Two simple facts are shaping America's future: people are living longer and having fewer children. The outcome of these two trends is that the percentage of older people in the United States is growing. Policymakers must prepare for the inevitable aging of America.
As part of the 2006 President's Initiative, CSG's aging research provided best practices and policy options to help state policymakers prepare for America's new "silver society."



Suggested State Legislation

  1. Alzheimer’s Disease Task Force (2009)
  2. Homecare Option Program for the Elderly (Statement) (2009)
  3. Independence, Dignity and Choice in Long-Term Care (2009)
  4. Senior Alert Program (2009)
  5. Dementia- Specific Service Disclosure (2008)
  6. Dementia Specific Training (2008)
  7. Intergenerational Respite Care Assisted Living Facility Pilot Program (2007)
  8. No Senior Left Behind (Statement) (2007)
  9. Medicaid Enrollees and Kidney Disease (2006)
  10. Medicaid Fairness Act (2006)
  11. Older Adult Services (2006)
  12. Relating to Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs and Pharmaceutical Discount Cards (2006)
  13. Freedom to Work for People With Disabilities (2005)
  14. Volunteer Advocates for Seniors (2005)
  15. Emergency Evacuation Plans for People with Disabilities (2004)
  16. Pooled Trusts for People with Disabilities (2004)




State Programs

Silver Society Award Winner (2006)

Vermont Choices for Care 1115 Medicaid Waiver
This program enables state Medicaid recipients to get services such as respite or companion care in their homes; meal preparation and medication management in assisted living facilities, and 24-hour skilled nursing care in nursing homes.

Innovations Awards

Winner - Connecticut - 2003 - Home Care and Assisted Living Alternatives to Nursing Home Care Initiative
In an effort to provide elderly persons in need of long-term care the ability to remain in the community and avoid, or delay, entrance to a nursing home, the initiative includes an expansion of the income eligibility criteria for Connecticut's Home Care Program for Elders, implementation of assisted living pilots in state-funded congregate housing and federally funded HUD housing, implementation of a private pay assisted living pilot and the subsidized assisted living demonstration project.
Finalist - Minnesota - 2008 - Long-term Care Choices Navigator
The Long-term Care Choices Navigator is an interactive, web-based tool that helps seniors and their families and caregivers determine what they need to live well and age well. It guides them to resources in their local community and creates a custom plan they can save, print, e-mail and refine over time.
Finalist - Colorado - 2007 - Senior Source
Senior Source is a dedicated multimedia initiative utilizing television, the Internet, call-in lines and onsite outreach to educate and encourage Colorado residents about important aging issues and available resources for older adults. It is a public, private non-profit partnership that utilizes the assistance of the state’s largest media sources and community leaders, to address a recognized information deficit in Colorado by bringing data into the homes and community centers of its target audience, older adults (age 60+), their caregivers, and others in need of services.
Finalist - Texas - 2005 - Aging Texas Well
This program is designed to ensure that Texans prepare for aging in all aspects of life and that state and local social infrastructure facilitate lifelong healthy aging.
Finalist - Illinois - 2003 - Partners for Inclusive Employment Job Match and Fair
This program educates employers about the Americans with Disabilities Act and helps match disabled job-seekers with employers.
Finalist - Minnesota - 2003 - Minnesota Disability Health Options MnDHO
This program is a managed health care program for people with disabilities. It integrates Medicaid and Medicare financing and primary, acute and long-term care. All enrollees are assigned an RN health coordinator, who helps them navigate the health care system, live more independently and maintain their health.



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