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CSG’s national Policy & Research team tackles a wide range of topics: education, energy, environment, fiscal, health, interstate relations, stimulus, and transportation – to name a few. Whether on our website or in print, as part of our many national programs/services or as part of CSG’s national committee/task force system, CSG’s policy team provides the information you need to better understand complex policy situations and help you make better decisions for your state.
Specific products and services from CSG’s policy group are wide ranging: national and regional meetings, national policy task forces, state specific forums and training, national reports, fact sheets, interactive websites, interstate compact legislation, policy projects assisting states in the creation of policy, and numerous educational efforts tied to key issues.
Customers of CSG’s national Policy & Research team include CSG’s core constituency – state officials – as well as various local and federal agencies/officials, other national associations serving government officials, academics, researchers, think tanks, and libraries.
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