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Energy & Environment

States play a central role in managing natural resources and protecting the environment because they are responsible for implementing most federal environmental programs. States are also often the first to develop programs and policies in areas where the federal government has not yet acted. Protecting water resources; ensuring an adequate, reliable energy supply; addressing climate change; dealing with hazardous wastes … State policymakers play vital roles in tackling these and many other important environmental challenges.
CSG’s Energy and Environment Policy Group tracks national conditions and emerging trends, identifies innovative and effective solutions, and transforms these solutions into viable policy positions and response projects.



States Advancing Solar


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Doug Myers
Senior Energy & Environment Policy Analyst



Annual Conference, La Quinta, CA, Nov. 12-15
Energy Intervention: Alternatives to Oil
  1. Kelley Goes, WV Secretary of Commerce
  2. Chris Standlee, Abengoa BioEnergy
  3. Ann Schlenker, Argonne National Laboratory
Cap and Trade 101
  1. Nicholas Bianco, World Resources Institute
  2. Dan Chartier, Edison Electric Institute
Good Neighbors: States-Military Bases Partner on Environment
  1. Rep. Tom Sloan, KS
  2. Jim Ricker, 29 Palms

Spring Conference, Coeur d'Alene, ID, May 16-18

  1. Curtis Musgrave : The Plasma Enhanced Melter


Annual State Trends and Leadership Forum, Omaha, NE, Dec. 3-7
  1. Philip Cherry: The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
Spring Conference, Lexington, KY, May 29-June 1
The Future of Energy
  1. Guy Caruso: Annual Energy Outlook 2008
  2. Marilyn Brown: Shrinking the Carbon Footprint of Metropolitan America


Annual State Trends and Leadership Forum, Oklahoma City, OK, Nov. 11-14
Solar Energy: The Bright Future of Renewables
  1. Jennier DeCesaro: State of Solar Policy Update
  2. Tom Kimbis: Federal Solar Energy Activities
  3. Tom Stoffel: Overview of State Solar Resource Potential and Technology Update
Maximizing Traditional Energy Sources
  1. Chris VandeVenter : Maximizing Traditional Energy Sources
  2. Brian McPherson: Geologic Carbon Sequestration as an Approach to Emissions Reduction
Electricity: Generation, Transmission and Management
  1. Marguerite Kelly: Wind Energy Update
  2. Rich Sedano: Electric Resource Choices, Electric Imperatives on the Demand Side
  3. Bill Massey: Electricity Transmission Infrastructure and Policy: The Importance of the Electron Superhighway
Spring Committee & Task Force Meetings, Fajardo, Puerto Rico, June 10-14
  1. Burton Richter: Why Nuclear Energy
  2. Alan Nogee: Renewable Energy: Potential & Challenges
  3. Cathy Padro: The Role of Hydrogen in a Sustainable Energy Future
  4. Bill Prindle: Energy Efficiency: The First Fuel in the Race for a Clean and Secure Energy Future
  5. Ben Dziegielewski: U.S. Water Demand, Supply and Allocation: Trends and Outlook
  6. Amanda Leland, Sustaining America's Fisheries and Fishing Communities
Annual State Trends and Leadership Forum, Phoenix, Ariz., Nov. 30-Dec. 3
  1. Craig Bell: Water Needs and Strategies for a Sustainable Future
  2. Gary Loew: Civil Works: A Partnership with the States



  1. Carbon Capture and Storage Policy
  2. Federal Policy on Nuclear Waste Management


  1. Energy Security and Climate Stewardship
  2. Extending the Productive Lives of Water Reservoirs



  1. Facts & Figures: Nuclear Energy
  2. Work Force Development in the Electric Utility Sector
  3. Climate Change & Transportation
  4. Facts & Figures: Carbon Markets
  5. Plug-In Hybrid Technology
  6. Sustainable Communities & Smart Growth
  7. Carbon Capture and Storage
  8. Smart Grids
  9. Facts & Fiures: Water Quality
  10. Facts & Figures: Electricity Transmission
  11. Facts & Figures: Energy Future
  12. Facts & Figures: Climate Change
  13. Renewable Portfolio Standards
  14. Water Quality
  15. Electricity Transmission
  16. Water Scarcity
  17. Climate Change Mitigation
  18. 10 Forces of Change States Can't Ignore