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Transportation & Infrastructure

Nationwide, states’ residents and economies rely on adequate transportation systems and physical infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, railways, mass transit, navigable waterways, drinking-water systems, power grids, utilities and telecommunications structures. State officials must not only meet several challenges including finding funding for and maintaining the physical infrastructure, they also must increasingly work together to plan for the future and to address issues that cross state borders.
CSG's Transportation Policy Task Force tracks national policies and emerging trends in transportation, identifies innovative and effective programs and solutions, and weighs in on issues through the policy resolution process. The Task Force, which was created first as an advisory group in 2008, is made up of state legislators, executive branch officials and representatives of the private sector from around the country. They meet twice annually at the CSG Spring and Annual Meetings. The group is chaired by Tennessee Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris. Transportation finance issues have been a key focus of the group including the pending reauthorization of federal transportation programs, the infrastructure spending in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the future of the Highway Trust Fund and options for replacing or supplementing fuel taxes as the chief revenue source to fund improvements to the nation's transportation system.





Staff Contact

Sean Slone
Transportation Policy Analyst
(859) 244-8234 | sslone@csg.org
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Transportation Policy Task Force



Infrastructure Insights: Public Works in the New Budget Era,
CSG Economic Summit of the States, May 22, 2010, New York City


Transportation Policy Task Force, CSG Annual Meeting,
November 12-14, La Quinta, CA
    1. Janet Oakley, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials: "Reauthorization of Federal Transportation Programs: Impact on the States"


Transportation Advisory Group, CSG Annual Meeting, December 3-7, Omaha, NE
    1. Adrian Moore, Reason Foundation, National Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing Commission: "Public-Private Partnerships"
    2. Patrick DeCorla-Souza, Federal Highway Administration: "Tolling & Congestion Pricing"
    3. Oregon State Sen. Bruce Starr: "Oregon's VMT Fee Concept"



Transportation Advisory Group, CSG Spring Meeting, May 29-June 1, Lexington, KY
    1. Kathy Ruffalo, Ruffalo & Associates, National Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing Commission
    2. David Ekern, Virginia Department of Transportation Commissioner: "At the Crossroads - Building for the Next Generation"
    3. Ken De Crescenzo, California Department of Transportation: "California's Strategic Growth Plan"



Transportation & Infrastructure: Policy & Resolutions

  1. Resolution on stimulus infrastructure funding and the next federal authorization of transportation programs


  1. Resolution on Future of Transportation Programs
  2. Resolution on Transportation Finance


  1. Transportation Policy Statement


  1. Graduated Driver's Licensing



Transportation & Infrastructure: Trends & Analysis

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Transportation & Infrastructure: Publications



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Transportation & Infrastructure: Staff Presentations

Arkansas Blue Ribbon Committee on Highway Finance, September 16, 2009