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Book of the States

bossPublished since 1935, The Book of the States has been the reference tool of choice for more than half a century, providing information, answers and comparisons for all 56 U.S. states and territories.
Within The Book of the States, you can find analysis and comparative information on a wide range of topics. The book not only focuses on historical data, but also highlights trends in various state public policy areas.
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For the first time, the contents of the 2010 The Book of the States are now available online through the
CSG Knowledge Center
. Each article is available in both HTML and PDF format, and the tables can also be download in Excel. 
Book of the States 2010 | Table of Contents

Chapter 1: State Constitutions
Chapter 2: Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations
Chapter 3: State Legislative Branch
Chapter 4: State Executive Branch
Chapter 5: State Judicial Branch
Chapter 6: Elections
Chapter 7: State Finance
Chapter 8: State Management, Administration, and Demographics
Chapter 9: Selected State Policies and Programs
Chapter 10: State Pages