Capitol Ideas / Innovation - Videos

Challenging times present many opportunities for innovation. The current economic crisis is no exception. Below are examples of ingenuity and leadership which transform government services and build economies.



Texas | Dept. of Agriculture:  Fleet Management & Route Optimization



Government Operations & Technology

Utah | Remote Video Construction Management



Health & Human Services

Central Arizona Programmatic Suicide Deterrent System

Missouri | Partnership for Hope


New Hampshire | Transitions in Caregiving



Wisconsin | BadgerCare Plus


Human Resources & Education

Washington | Career Bridge


West Virginia | Games for Health




Natural Resources

Colorado | eForm



           Missouri | State Parks Youth Corps



South Dakota | Black Hills Forest Initiative



Public Safety & Corrections

Georgia | Probation Reporting Contact Center



 Indiana | INCite


Massachusetts | Bridging the Opportunity Gap


           Missouri | Puppies for Parole 




Washington | eTrip/SECTOR




North Carolina | DOT Performance Management