The State Comparative Performance Measurement Project

Over the past decade, the use of performance data and measurement tools has exploded across all layers of government – from the federal tracking of social benefits to states closely monitoring child protective services to cities filling potholes. Performance measurement is now recognized as a very powerful management tool.
Recognizing this trend, The Council of State Governments, along with the Urban Institute, created the State Comparative Performance Measurement Project. Funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, this national initiative seeks to collect, analyze and publish comparative performance data so states can better set reachable targets for their services as well as identify successful state practices.
To learn more about the project, you can download an overview of the project here:
For more information, please contact CSG Senior Research Analyst Jennifer Burnett by phone, (859) 244-8114, or by e-mail


NEWS: CSG Releases New State Performance Measurement Reports
CSG will release three new reports at its 2009 Annual Meeting in La Quinta, California.  The reports are the product of an 18-month-long collaborative project with the Urban Insitute to study state comparative performance measurement data in three areas: transportation, child welfare and public assistance. The reports are also available for download here:
Public Assistance
Child Welfare



NEWS: CSG Hosts Half-Day Session on Transformative Strategies for State Government
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act--along with the recent economic downturn--is prompting states to consider new ways to make government work better. A half-day session at The Council of State Governments Annual Meeting Nov. 12 will explore successful strategies and offer insight into how states can make government work more efficiently and provide more transparency for their residents. More ...