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The National Center for Interstate Compacts (NCIC)

NCIC is a policy program developed by CSG to assist states in developing interstate compacts, which are contracts between states. State governments often prefer to direct themselves collaboratively when addressing problems that span boundaries, and compacts have proved to be an effective mechanism for states to jointly problem-solve, often avoiding federal intervention. NCIC serves as an information clearinghouse, a provider of training and technical assistance and a primary facilitator in assisting states in the review, revision and creation of new interstate compacts to solve multi-state problems.

The compacts center is a program borne from CSG’s more than 75 year history of promoting multi-state problem solving and advocating the role of the states in determining their respective futures. During that time, CSG began tracking the progress of more than 200 active interstate compacts, researching innovative solutions for the states and bringing the states together to build consensus on national issues. 
For more information on the National Center for Interstate Compacts and the services it offers, please contact Crady deGolian at 859-244-8068 or