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Kentucky SCORE Project

Kentucky’s SCORE team releases policy roadmap

Using funds from The Council of State Government’s SCORE project, Kentucky policymakers and a grassroots organization, Partnership for a Fit Kentucky, released a 58-page report Feb. 12 that addresses eight policy recommendations the group hopes to see implemented by Kentucky legislators. Kentucky has the nation’s third highest rate of childhood overweight and obesity, according to the report.
Legislation addressing several of the proposals included in the group’s policy portfolio have been introduced in the 2009 Kentucky General Assembly. The report, Shaping Kentucky’s Future: Policies to Reduce Obesity, suggests the following measures for attacking the state’s obesity epidemic:
Kentucky’s 10-member SCORE advisory team agreed to the policy priorities, which were developed after a survey conducted by PFK. The SCORE team includes Dr. William Hacker, commissioner of the Kentucky Department for Public Health, state Rep. Addia Wuchner and others representing health, education and physical activity interests. For more information, contact Wendy Carlin at Wendy.carlin@ky.gov. SCORE is funded by a grant from the Leadership for Healthy Communities, a program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


Wendy Carlin, program coordinator for the Kentucky Department for Public Health, discusses the release of Shaping Kentucky’s Future: Policies to Reduce Obesity, a guide of legislative priorities for addressing obesity in Kentucky. It was released during a meeting of the grassroots organization Partnership for a Fit Kentucky Feb. 12 in Frankfort.