Program Staff







William K. Voit
Senior Project Director
Suggested State Legislation
CSG Innovations Awards

Bill Voit started at CSG in 1986 as director of the CSG State Information Center (SIC). The SIC consisted of a national inquiry and referral service for state officials and staff, a national library of state reports, and the first electronic database of state information maintained by CSG. SIC staff processed more than 7,500 inquiries per year, and those encompassed most issues facing state governments at the time.
He transitioned from the SIC to become a senior policy analyst at CSG. During this time, Bill worked with the National Association of State Personnel Executives to help states implement the Americans with Disabilities Act and to gauge whether and how many states laid off employees during the state budget crisis of the early 1990s. He conducted a national survey about how state personnel policies impacted state employees called to active duty in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. He coordinated two comprehensive inventories of CSG products and services, served as lead editor of The Book of the States and updated a national directory of interstate compacts.
Bill currently directs two core CSG programs: Suggested State Legislation (SSL) and the CSG Innovations Awards. These programs highlight innovative state laws and programs around the country which might be useful to many states. Both programs address a broad range of public policy topics. SSL drafts about identity theft and mortgage fraud are examples of the former. Washington’s award-winning Health Technology Assessment Program about evidence-based medicine is an example of the latter.
Bill has a master's degree in public administration and a bachelor's degree in public administration from Indiana University.







Nancy J. Vickers
National Program Administrator
Suggested State Legislation
CSG Innovations Awards

Nancy Vickers started at CSG in 1998 as a proofing assistant for the CSG State Directories, a series of annual directories of elected officials, legislative leadership and committees, and state administrative officials. She served as a publishing assistant for the CSG State Directories, The Book of the States and Suggested State Legislation volumes, from 1999-2001. She then worked as an information-publications specialist and performed Internet research and data collection; worked with survey respondents; and edited and proofread CSG core publications.
Nancy became a senior research associate in 2003 and worked with CSG's Research Group and the Suggested State Legislation Program, a combined position where she researched policy issues, answered inquiries from CSG members, and proofread Suggested State Legislation volumes.
She became a national program associate in 2004 to support the CSG Innovations Awards Program and the Suggested State Legislation Program. Her role with these programs expanded into her current position as a national program administrator. Her duties include program planning, researching innovative state programs and state legislation, reviewing award applications, compiling, editing, and proofreading the Suggested State Legislation dockets and volumes; blogging about program activities, and staffing program meetings.       
Prior to CSG, Nancy worked in editing and research, publishing, copyediting and operations for a publishing company. 
Nancy earned bachelor's, master's, and Ph.D. degrees from Asbury College, Asbury Seminary, and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary