Suggested State Legislation Dockets, Agendas & Minutes

Legislation submitted to the SSL program is first evaluated by CSG policy experts against the SSL criteria. This legislation is then split into docket books for consideration by the Committee on Suggested State Legislation. The SSL Committee meets at least twice each year to consider submitted legislation for inclusion in the following year's SSL volume. The committee votes to reject, include or defer all legislation on its dockets. Legislation it chooses to include is then highlighted in the next volume of Suggested State Legislation.The SSL Committee typically reviews approximately 80 pieces of legislation per meeting, voting to include an average of 30 to 40 bills per SSL volume. Learn more about CSG committees here.
Dockets contain summaries of and links to legislation that is considered by CSG Policy Task Forces and the SSL Committee during an SSL Cycle. Agendas list the order in which the CSG Policy Task Forces and SSL Committee consider the legislation on SSL dockets. Bills on recent SSL dockets can also be downloaded collectively via Legislation zip files. Meeting minutes list how the CSG Policy Task Forces and SSL Committee vote on the legislation on SSL dockets.


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