Shared State Legislation Dockets, Agendas & Minutes



Legislation submitted to the SSL program is organized into docket books for review by the SSL Committee, which meets twice annually. These dockets contain summaries of and links to the legislation being considered for inclusion in the annual SSL volume. When considering legislation the committee has four options:
Each of the bills approved by the committee for inclusion is then published online after each meeting and then compiled into the annual SSL volume, which is generally published in December. While the committee considers upwards of 160 bills each year, typically fewer than 40 are ultimately approved and included in the annual volume.
The consideration or dissemination of such legislation by the SSL Committee does not constitute an endorsement nor will CSG advocate for the enactment of any such legislation in any member jurisdictions.
The minutes are posted following each meeting of the committee and contain the disposition of the bills considered at that meeting. 


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