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CSG State Pathways to Prosperity Initiative
The workplace is changing rapidly, making it imperative that state leaders develop innovative ways to educate and prepare students for the demands of an increasingly global economy. Most states are seeing evidence of economic growth—increases in job creation and overall decreases in unemployment—but too many people remain unemployed, the skills gap between the technical skills workers have and those needed by business and industry continues to grow, and the lack of opportunities to advance exists for many employees.
As CSG’s 2014 national chair, Tennessee Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris helped create a vision to grow state economies and address workforce challenges. Built on Sen. Norris’ personal experience in Tennessee—a leader among states in education and workforce development reform—CSG’s State Pathways to Prosperity initiative is a multi-year effort to identify obstacles and alternative pathways to prosperity for so many Americans.
With the continued commitment and leadership of CSG’s 2015 national chair, New York state Sen. Carl Marcellino, CSG’s National Task Force on Workforce Development and Education reviewed the major barriers to prosperity for a vast number of Americans—child poverty, hunger and nutrition, veterans’ concerns, and criminal justice issues—and addressed the lack of opportunities to more effectively engage students in the learning process.
As a result of the task force’s efforts, CSG is pleased to provide, “A Framework for State Policymakers: Developing Pathways to Ensure a Skilled Workforce for State Prosperity.” This report contains the work product of the task force and four subcommittees, representing more than a year of study, dialogue and deliberation by state officials from both parties, all regions of the U.S. and from diverse perspectives. The result is a report of significant breadth that represents the consensus of CSG members who dedicated considerable time to crafting these options for robust state-level policies to support the development of knowledge and skills that are invaluable for success, both in postsecondary education and in the workforce.
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State Pathways to Prosperity Events

State leaders package 32,000 meals for the hungry during the CSG National and CSG West Annual Conference in Anchorage, Alaska. Read more here.


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CSG Workforce Development and Education Task Force





Subcommittee on Hunger and Nutrition
Pennsylvania Sen. Mike Brubaker, Chair
Subcommittee on Children & Youth
West Virginia Senate Majority Leader John Unger, Chair
Subcommittee on Criminal Justice

Youth component – Texas Sen. John Whitmire, Co-Chair
                                     Pennsylvania Rep. Glen Grell, Co-chair

                               Adult component –  Georgia Court of Appeals Judge Michael Boggs, Co-Chair
                                                                   New York Asm. Jeffrion Aubry, Co-Chair

Subcommittee on Military and Veterans' Concerns
Nevada Sen. Pat Spearman, Chair