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Active duty military and veterans are high-quality learners because of their maturity, dedication and training. But they face many challenges making the transition from military life to higher education. Institutions of higher education can help members of the military and veterans by awarding credit for training and experience, providing career exploration and job skills for unemployed veterans, and training veterans to fill high-demand jobs. Business leaders can assist with on-the-job training, apprenticeships and work-study programs to build on veterans’ unique skills sets. Higher education officials need to develop an institutional understanding of the mental, physical and behavioral health needs of veterans and address the barriers veterans face.
The Military and Veterans Concerns subcommittee will provide policy recommendations specific to the workforce concerns of America’s military professionals and veterans to CSG’s National Workforce Development and Education Task Force. These recommendations will help to inform and educate state policymakers on how the issues veterans face affect state pathways to prosperity, raise awareness about the implications of those outcomes for their state and promote collaboration among all stakeholders.