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Welcome to the CSG Elections Center, which provides detailed pre-election and post-election data on executive, legislative and judicial races plus a rundown on initiative and referendum measures in the 50 states.

2008 Election Results

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Pre-Election Legislative Party Breakdown

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Early and Absentee Voting in the States

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State-by-State General Election Ballots

Click on the interactive map below to view the 2008 general election ballots for each state. Click here for a party abbreviation key.

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Early and Absentee Voting in the States

2008 Initiatives and Referenda

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Pre-Election Legislative Party Breakdown Map


Post-Election Legislative Party Breakdown Map


Legislative Party Breakdown: 50-State Comparative Table


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Gubernatorial Party Breakdown Map


Contested Legislative Races vs. Uncontested Races


State Officials Running for Congress


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