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Party Abbreviations



AI - America's Independence

AKI - Alaska Independence

ATP - America's Third Party

BTP - Boston Tea Party

C - Constitution

CC - Concerned Citizens

CCP - Christian Center Party

CFL - Connecticut for Lieberman

CON - Conservative

D - Democratic

DFL - Democratic-Farmer-Labor

E - Ecology Party of Florida

G - Green

GL - Grassroots for Life

I - Independent

ICM - Independent Citizen Movement

IG - Independent Green

J - Fourth of July

L - Libertarian

LTP - Louisiana Taxpayers Party

LU - Liberty Union

M - Mountain

N - No party affiliation

NBP - Nominated by Petition

NP - Nonpartisan

NPP - New Progressive Party

O - Other

OBJ - Objectivist


P - Progressive
PA - Pacifist

PC - Petitioning Candidate

PDP - Popular Democratic Party

PF - Peace & Freedom

PG - Pacific Green

PIP - Puerto Rican Independence Party

PLT - Populist

PR - Prohibition

PRP - Puerto Ricans for Puerto Rico

PSL - Socialism & Liberation

R - Republican

REF - Reform

S - Socialist

SG - Statehood Green

SW - Socialist's Workers'

U - Unaffiliated

UC - United Citizens

UN - Unenrolled

UST - US Taxpayers Party of Michigan

VH - Vote Here

WF - Working Families

WI - Write in

WI-AI - Write in America's Independence

WI-G - Write in Green

WI-I - Write in Independent

WI-R - Write in Republican

WI-S - Write in Socialist

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