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Offices up for Election in 2008

United States President & Vice President

United States House of Representatives:All seats


Lieutenant Governor

Attorney General



State Senate:Districts 1, 5, 6, 8, 10, 13, 14, 16, 19, 20, 23, 24, 25, 27

State House of Representatives:All seats

State Initiatives and Referenda


check John McCain/Sarah Palin (R)

Barack Obama/Joe Biden (D)

Bob Barr/Wayne Root (L)
Cynthia McKinney/Rose Clemente (U)
Ralph Nadar/Matt Gonzalez (I)
Chuck Baldwin/Darrell L. Castle (C)

Gloria LaRiva/Eugene Puryear (U)

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District 1
District 2

checkRob Bishop (R) Incumbent
Morgan Bowen (D)
Joseph Geddes (L)
Kirk D. Pearson (C)

checkJim Matheson (D) Incumbent
Bill Dew (R)
Dennis Ray Emery (C)
Mathew Arndt  (L)

District 3
checkJason Chaffetz (R)
Bennion L Spencer (D)
Jim Noorlander (C)


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checkJon M. Huntsman, Jr. (R) Incumbent
Bob Springmeyer (D)
Dell Schanze (L) 

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checkGary R. Herbert (R) Incumbent
Josie Valdez (D)
Joey Hobbs (L) 

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checkMark Shurtleff (R) Incumbent
Jean Welch Hill (D)
W. Andrew McCullough (L) 

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Dick Clark (D)
checkRichard K. Ellis (R)

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checkAuston G. Johnson III (R) Incumbent
Clare Collard (D)
Richard D Proctor (C)
Mike Stoddard  (L)

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Total Senate Seats: 29

Total Senate Seats up for Election:14

Total Senate Republicans: 21

Total (R) Seats up for Election: 11

Total Senate Democrats: 8

Total  (D) Seats up for Election: 3

District 1
District 5

Carlton Christensen (R) 
checkLuz Robles (D)

Jonathan "Jon" Fidler  (R)
checkKaren Mayne (D) Incumbent
James E. Peverelle (C)

District 6
District 8

checkMichael Waddoups (R) Incumbent
Cora Lee Jckowski (D)

Carlene M. Walker (R) Incumbent
checkKaren W. Morgan (D)
Liz Phalp (C) 

District 10
District 13

checkD. Chris Buttars (R) Incumbent
John Rendell (D)
Steve Maxfield (C)

checkMark Benson Madsen (R) Incumbent
Kenneth B. Peay  (D)

District 14
District 16

 John L. Valentine (R) Incumbent

checkCurt Bramble (R) Incumbent
RaDene Hatfield (D)

District 19
District 20

checkAllen M. Christensen (R) Incumbent
Bill R. Hansen (D)


checkScott Jenkins (R) Incumbent
Steve Olsen (D)

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District 23
District 24

checkDan Liljenquist (R)
Richard Watson (D)
Jorgina Hancock (C)

Tobiah Dillon (D)
checkRalph Okerlund (R)
Benton L Petersen (C)

District 25
District 27

Joe Dulin (D)
checkLyle W. Hilylard (R) Incumbent

checkDavid Hinkins (R)
Brad King (D)
Michael Martin (C)

District 29

checkSteve Urquhart (R)
Brooks Pace (D)
Wade Beatty (C)



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Total House Seats: 75

Total House Seats up for Election: 75

Total House Republicans: 55

Total (R) Seats up for Election: 55

Total House Democrats: 20

Total  (D) Seats up for Election: 20

District 1
District 2

checkRonda Rudd Menlove (R) Incumbent
Billy R. Morgan (D)

Tom Edwards (C)
checkBen C. Ferry (R) Incumbent

District 3
District 4

checkJack R. Draxler (R) Incumbent
Tanya T. Taylor (D)

checkFred R. Hunsaker (R) Incumbent
Gilberto Urroz (D)

District 5
District 6

Suzanne Marychild (D)
checkCurt Webb (R) Incumbent

checkKerry Gibson (R) Incumbent
Ava L. Painter (D)

District 7
District 8

checkRyan Wilcox (R)
Rob Reynolds (D)

Trent Alvord (D) 
checkGage Froerer (R) Incumbent

District 9
District 10

checkNeil Hansen (D) Incumbent
Jeremy Peterson (R)

D. Edger "Ed" Allen (D)
checkBrent Wallis (R)

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District 11

District 12

checkBrad Dee (R) Incumbent
Mark Openshaw (D)
Becky Maddox (C)

checkRichard A. Greenwood (R) Incumbent
Mark Sage  (D)


District 13

District 14

checkPaul Ray (R) Incumbent
Ben F. Wofford (D)

checkCurtis Oda (R) Incumbent
Marcie West (D)

District 15
District 16

checkDouglas C. Aagard (R) Incumbent
Ryan Mellor (D)

checkKevin S. Garn (R) Incumbent
Carole E. Peterson (D)
Brent Zimmerman (L)

District 17
District 18

checkJulie Fisher (R) Incumbent
Pat Herrera (D)
David A Armstrong (C)

checkRoger Edward Barrus (R) Incumbent
George A. Mortimer (D)


District 19
District 20
checkSheryl Allen (R) Incumbent
Cory G. Seegmiller  (C)

checkBecky Edwards (R)
Kyle E. Roberts (D)
Robert G. Moultrie (C)

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District 21

District 22

Dan Egelund (R)
check  James R. Gowans (D) Incumbent
Jonathan Dee Garrard (C)

checkSue Duckworth (D)
Thomas M. Mangum (C)

District 23

District 24

checkJen Seelig (D) Incumbent
Gordon Storrs (R)

checkRebecca Chavez-Houck (D) Incumbent
Joe Jarvis (R)
Dylan McDonnell (L)

District 25

District 26

Garrett Clark (R)
checkChristine A. Johnson (D) Incumbent
Clark Miles (C)

checkDavid Litvack (D) Incumbent
Seth Robert Wright (R)
Michael Jordan (C)

District 27

District 28

checkJohn Dougall (R) Incumbent
Gwyn C. Franson (D)

checkBrian S. King (D)
Jeffrey R. Morrow (R)
Jared Beck (C)

District 29

District 30

Phil Conder (R)
checkJanice Fisher (D) Incumbent
Grant R. Pearson (C)


checkJackie Biskupski  (D) Incumbent
Kay M. Garske (R)
Melody Chapman (C)

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District 31

District 32

Lisa Morrise (R)
checkLarry Wiley (D) Incumbent
Michael D. Nichols (C)

checkRon Bigelow (R) Incumbent
Mike Lee  (D)
Jennifer Schmith  (C)

District 33

District 34

checkNeal B. Hendrickson (D) Incumbent
Warren R. Webb (R)
John Horne (C)

Kathie A. Davies (D)
checkKory M. Holdaway (R) Incumbent
Barbara Benton (C)

District 35

District 36

Rob Alexander (R)
checkMark A. Wheatley (D) Incumbent

Drew B. Quinn (R)
checkPhil Riesen (D) Incumbent
Nishan Beglarian (C)
Shaun Kruger (L)


District 37

District 38

Linda Cooper (R)
checkCarol Spackman (D)

Charles Henderson (D)
checkEric Hutchings (R) Incumbent

District 39

District 40

checkJim Dunnigan (R) Incumbent
Denise R. Hancock (D)

checkLynn N. Hemingway (D) Incumbent
Daniel F. Marriott (R)

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District 41

District 42

Fred Ash (D)
checkTodd E. Kiser (R) Incumbent
Matthew M Woolley  (C)

checkJim Bird (R) Incumbent
Nathan Gedge (D)


District 43

District 44

checkWayne Harper (R) Incumbent
Brian Yardley (D)


checkTim Cosgrove (D) Incumbent
Raymond J. Poole (R)

District 45

District 46

checkLaura Black (D)
Brian Monsen (R)
Dave Perry  (C)


Jaren L. Davis (R)
checkMarie H. Poulson  (D)
Katie Cameron (C)

District 47

District 48

checkSteven R. Mascaro (R) Incumbent
Jennifer Burley Wolfe (D)
Joye S. Wyatt (C) 

checkTrisha S. Beck (D)
LaVar Christensen (R)

District 49

District 50

Greg J. Curtis (R) Incumbent
checkF. Jay Seegmiller (D)
Charles A Bonsall (L)
Wayne Crawford (C)

checkMerlynn T. Newbold (R) Incumbent
Patty Rich (D)
Russell G. Hatch (C)

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District 51

District 52

checkGreg Hughes (R) Incumbent
Lisa M. Johnson (D) 

Dave Hogue (D)  
checkCarl Wimmer (R) Incumbent

District 53

District 54

checkMelvin R. Brown (R) Incumbent
Katherine R Lofft  (D)

Neil G. Anderton (D)
checkKraig Powell (R)
Douglas K Thompson (C)

District 55

District 56

Wayne Y. Hoskisson (D)
checkJohn G. Mathis (R) Incumbent
Daniel Ray (C)
Ronald S Regehr  (L)

checkKenneth W. Sumsion (R) Incumbent
Michael J Barron (C)


District 57

District 58

checkCraig Frank (R) Incumbent
Mary Lou Huffmon (D)

Steve Baugh (D)
checkStephen Eric Sandstrom (R) Incumbent

District 59

District 60

checkLorie D. Fowlke (R) Incumbent
Paul Thompson (D)


checkBradley M. Daw (R) Incumbent
Boyd McAffee (D)
Scott P. Swain (C)

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District 61

District 62

checkKeith Grover (R) Incumbent
Deon S. Turley (D)

checkChristopher N. Herrod (R) Incumbent
Claralyn Hill (D)

District 63

District 64

checkSteve Clark (R) Incumbent
Donald K. Jarvis (D)

checkBecky Lockhart (R) Incumbent
Boyd Jay Petersen (D) 

Nathan Ashby (L)

District 65

District 66

Douglas A. Baxter (D)
checkFrancis D. Gibson (R)


checkMike Morley (R) Incumbent
Debbie Swenson (D)


District 67

District 68

checkPatrick Painter (R) Incumbent
Feleni Siufanua (C)

Ed Phillips (D)
checkBrad Winn (R) Incumbent
Susan Kaye Sorensen (C)

District 69

District 70

Jerry B. Anderson (R)
checkChristine F. Watkins (D)

checkKay L. McIff (R) Incumbent
Bevan Bastian (C)

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District 71

District 72

checkBrad Last (R) Incumbent
Lyman Whitaker (D)
Aric M. Cramer Sr. (L)
Michael J. Ferrin (C)

Lawrence Daniel (D)
checkEvan J. Vickers (R)
Ryan Bundy (C)

District 73

District 74

Ted Hallisey (D)
checkMike Noel (R) Incumbent
Allison Howes (C) 

checkDavid Clark (R) Incumbent
Terence W. "Terry" Moore (D)

District 75

 Don L. Ipson (R)



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Constitutional Amendmen A - Resolution Revising Executive Officer Succession Provisions

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Constitutional Amendmen B - Resolution Regarding Permanent State Trust Fund


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Constitutional Amendment C - Resolution Regarding Legislative Sessions

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Constitutional Amendment D - Joint Resolution Amending Legislative Appointment

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Constitutional Amendment E - Joint Resolution Regarding Stock and Bond Subscriptions

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