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Arizona 2008 General Election Ballot Measures


Proposition 100 - Protect Our Homes

Summary: A proposed constitutional amendment that would prohibit any level of government from imposing an new tax, fee, or other assessment on the sale, purchase, transfer or other conveyance of of any interest in real estate.

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Proposition 101 – Medical Choice for Arizona

Summary: A proposed constitutional amendment that will preserve and protect the rights of individuals to make their own health care and health insurance choices. Currently, many lobbyists and special interest groups in Arizona and around the country are promoting policies that would limit or even eliminate the ability of people to have choices when seeking out health care for themselves and their families.

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Proposition 102 – Amendment Relating to Marriage

Summary: A proposed constitutional amendment that would define that only a union of one man and one woman should be valid or recognized as a marriage.

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Proposition 105 – Majority Rules - Let the People Decide

Summary: To protect the will of the people of Arizona for fiscal responsibility through true majority rule, any initiative that imposes additional taxes or spending must have support from a majority of qualified electors in Arizona. Currently, initiatives that increase taxes or spending can pass with approval from only a minority of qualified electors.

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Proposition 200 – Payday Loan Reform Act

Summary: Arizonans use payday lending services everyday to meet unforeseen expenses and financial emergencies. The payday lending industry is set to be eliminated and the Arizona Legislature refuses to enact reforms to benefit borrowers while preserving this important financial option. This measure will bring dramatic pro-consumer reform to payday lending and preserve consumer choice. It includes a substantial rate cut, eliminates rolling-over principal to extend a loan, creates a repayment plan at no cost to customers that can't meet their obligations, and inhibits a borrower's ability to obtain more than one loan at a time. 

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Proposition 201 – Homeowners' Bill of Rights Committee

Summary: Ten-year warranty on new homes. Right to demand correction of construction defects or compensation. Homeowners participate in selecting contractors to do repair work. They can sue if no agreement with the builder. No liability for builders' attorney and expert fees but homeowner can recover these costs. Homeowners can sometimes recover compensatory and consequential damages. Disclosure of builders' relationships with financial institutions. Model homes must reflect what is actually for sale. Right to cancel within 100 days and get back most of the deposit. Prohibiting sellers' agents from participating in false mortgage applications.

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Proposition 202 – Stop Illegal Hiring

Summary: "Stop Illegal Hiring" Act is an initiative designed to crack down on unethical businesses who hire illegal immigrants. This initiative targets employers who hire workers and pay under-the-table in cash, which fuels illegal immigration in Arizona. It revokes the business license of employers who knowingly or intentionally hire illegal immigrants. This initiative increases penalties for identity theft, as illegal immigrants often use stolen identities to conceal their undocumented status. Fines collected as a result of this initiative will be distributed to schools and hospitals to help deal with the financial burden placed on the state because of illegal immigration.

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Proposition 300 – State Legislators' Salaries

Summary: Recommendation of the Commission on Salaries for Elective State Officers as to legislative salaries has been certified to the secretary of state and is hereby submitted to the qualified electors for their approval or rejection. Provides for an increase in the salaries of state legislators from $24,000 to $30,000 per year.

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