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Louisiana 2008 General Election Ballot Measures


Amendment 1

Summary: To provide term limits for member of the Public Service Commission, the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, the Board of Regents, the Board of Supervisors for the University of Louisiana, Louisiana State University, Southern University, and Community and Technical Colleges, Forestry Commission, Civil Service Commission and Police Commission.

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Amendment 2

Summary: To require a proclamation which calls the legislature into extraordinary session to be issued at least seven calendar days prior to the convening of the legislature in extraordinary session.

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Amendment 3

Summary: To require the legislature to provide by law for the prompt and temporary succession to the powers and duties of a legislator if the legislator is unavailable to perform his functions or duties due to being ordered to active duty in the armed services of the United States.

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Amendment 4

Summary: To increase the maximum amount of severance tax imposed and collected on natural resources for certain parishes. It would increase maximum amounts remitted in severance taxes, defines “excess severance tax,” and provides specific guidelines and percentages for the  use of the collected severance taxes and excess severance taxes.

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Amendment 5

Summary: To authorize the transfer of the special assessment level on property when the property for which the special assessment level applies has been sold to or expropriated by the federal government, state government, or a local governing authority or political subdivision.

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Amendment 6

Summary: To provide an exception to requirements of first refusal by the owner prior to sale and certain procedures for declaration of property as surplus property, when property is taken for the public purpose of removal of a threat to public health or safety caused by the existing use or disuse of the property.

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Amendment 7

Summary: To authorize the investment in equities of monies of the state and a political subdivision which have been reserved to provide for post-employment benefits other than pensions.

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