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Missouri 2008 General Election Ballot Measures


Constitutional Amendment 1

Summary: Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to add a statement that English shall be the language of all governmental meetings at which any public business is discussed, decided, or public policy is formulated whether conducted in person or by communication equipment including conference calls, video conferences, or Internet chat or message board?

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Constitutional Amendment 4

Summary: Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to change provisions relating to the financing of stormwater control projects by: limiting availabilty of grants and loans to public water and sewer districts only; removing the cap on available funding and existing restrictions on disbursements; and requiring loan repayments to be used only for stormwater control projects?

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Proposition A

Summary: Shall Missouri law be amended to: repeal the current individual maximum loss limit for gambling; prohibit any future loss limits; require identification to enter the gambling area only if necessary to establish that an individual is at least 21 years old; restrict the number of casinos to those already built or being built; increase the casino gambling tax from 20% o 21%; create a new specific education fund from gambling tax proceeds generated as a result of this measure called the “Schools First Elementary and Secondary Education Improvement Fund”; and require audits of this new fund?

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Proposition B

Summary: Shall Missouri law be amended to enable the elderly and Missourians with disabilities to continue living independently in their homes by creating the Missouri Quality Homecare Council to ensure the availability of quality home care services under the Medicaid program by recruiting, training, and stabilizing the home care workforce?

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Proposition C

Summary: Shall Missouri law be amended to require investor-owned electric utilities to generate or purchase electricity from renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, biomass and hydropower with the renewable energy sources equaling at least 2% of retail sales by 2011 increasing incrementally to at least 15% by 2021, including at least 2% from solar energy; and restricting to no more than 1% any rate increase to consumers for this renewable energy?

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