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Montana 2008 General Election Ballot Measures


Ballot Issue C-44

Summary: Would allow up to 25% of all public funds presently restricted to fixed income investments to be invested in private corporate capital stock and provides an immediate effective date.

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Ballot Issue LR-118

Summary: Would provide for the continuation of a 6-mill levy to support the state university system. The current 6 mill levy is set to expire in January 2009. This would allow it to effectively continue through January 2019.

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Ballot Issue I-155

Summary: Would establish the I-155 establishes the Healthy Montana Kids plan to provide health coverage to uninsured children by increasing eligibility for the children’s health insurance program and the state Medicaid program and by helping families cover their children under employer-sponsored plans; provide for active enrollment of children in the plan; and fully utilize available federal funds to provide health coverage for children.

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