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North Dakota 2008 General Election Ballot Measures


Constitutional Measure No. 1

Summary: This measure would establish a permanent oil tax trust fund from oil and gas tax revenue exceeding one hundred million dollars per biennium, adjusted for inflation; interest earnings on the trust fund would be transferred to the general fund each year; and no more than twenty percent of the principal of the trust fund could be spent each biennium, if approved by three-fourths of the members of both houses of the legislature.

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Statutory Measure No. 2

Summary: This initiated measure would amend sections of the North Dakota Century Code for tax years beginning after December 31, 2008 by lowering the state corporate income tax rates by fifteen percent and the adjusted state income tax rates by fifty percent, except for one taxpayer bracket where the reduction would be forty-five percent and for two other brackets where some income would not be taxed.

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Statutory Measure No. 3

Summary: This measure would establish a tobacco prevention and control advisory committee and an executive committee; develop and fund a comprehensive statewide tobacco prevention and control plan; and create a tobacco prevention and control trust fund to receive tobacco settlement dollars to be administered by the executive committee.

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Statutory Measure No. 4

Summary: This measure would provide for the appointment by the Governor of the director for the Workforce Safety and Insurance agency, the placement of its employees into the state personnel system, and for the appointment of independent administrative law judges to conduct hearings and make final decisions.

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